About me

I am working on the social history of the British Atlantic port cities of Liverpool and Glasgow. My PhD dissertation looks at those at the top of the social scale in these cities between 1870 and 1930. I am a member of the History Department and the British Studies Cluster at Northwestern University.


Since September 2010: History PhD at Northwestern University, IL. Transferred from Brown University.

September 2009-August 2010: History PhD student at Brown University, RI.

September 2006-June 2009: History BA at Oxford University, UK.

I achieved candidacy at Northwestern University on June 11th, 2013. My specialization field is in British History 1750-present. My general field is in European History over the same time span. My minor field is an interdisciplinary history of British provincial performance and literature.

I have TA-ed a variety of courses, from survey courses of British or European history, to specialist  courses on the history of science or the Holocaust. I have also designed and taught (in Winter 2015) my own upper-level undergraduate course on the topic of ‘Elites and their Towns’, investigating elites in Britain between 1800 and the present.


March 2015: Buffett Institute Dissertation Research Travel Award

January 2014: Curran Fellowship, Research Society for Victorian Periodicals

June 2013: T. W. Heyck Prize for Research in British History, Northwestern University

Summer 2013: Travel funding, British Studies Cluster, Northwestern University.

2012-2013: Research funding, British Studies Cluster, Northwestern University.

Summer 2012: Research funding, History Department, Northwestern University.


May 10 2015: "The Leisured Lives of Working Men: Wealthy Men of Glasgow and Liverpool 1870-1930.” Graduate Student Conference on Histories of Leisure, Center for Historical Studies (CCHS), Northwestern University.

September 11 2014: "Liverpool’s Elites at Home and Abroad 1870-1930.” Port City Lives Conference on Vectors (Port Cities as Gateways, Channels and Conduits), Conference for Port & Maritime History, Liverpool.

September 21 2013: “Bristol’s Elite c.1900 (or, Charity covers a lot of larks).” Conference on Imperial City: Bristol in the World, University of the West of England Regional History Centre, M Shed, Bristol.

May 10 2013: “The Provincial Port City: Bristol’s Elite c.1900.” Graduate Student Conference on Oceans of History, Center for Historical Studies (CCHS), Northwestern University.

April 30 & May 2 2013: “Sex and Empire: The British in India.”  Two guest lectures for History 364 ‘Gender and Sexuality in Victorian Britain’, Northwestern University.

May 21 2012: “British Decolonization 1916-Present.” Guest lecture for History 201 ‘European Civilization 1750-Present’, Northwestern University.

April 1 2011: “The English Past through Nineteenth-Century Catholic Eyes: Obstacles and Possibilities.” Graduate Student Conference on Religious Identity and Political Conflict, Center for Historical Studies (CCHS), Northwestern University.

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