About me

I am a historian of nineteenth- and early-twentieth century Britain with a PhD from Northwestern University. My dissertation looked at wealthy business families of the British Atlantic port cities of Liverpool and Glasgow between 1870 and 1930.

I work in Research & Development at the Open Research Group of academic publisher Springer Nature.


September 2010-September 2017: History PhD at Northwestern University, IL.

September 2009-August 2010: History PhD student at Brown University, RI. I transferred to Northwestern, and was awarded an MA by Brown.

September 2006-June 2009: History BA at Oxford University, UK.


October 27 & November 1 2016: “Queen Victoria” and “Marriage, Sexual Independence, and The New Woman”. Two guest lectures for undergraduate course ‘Gender and Sexuality in Victorian Britain’.

May 5 2016: "Around the world in 400 days: Family, business and travel in the 1890s." University of Hong Kong Spring History Symposium, Hong Kong.

April 9 2016: "Businessmen at War: Business Logic in the Trenches.” University of Birmingham-University of Illinois BRIDGE Workshop, Chicago.

November 17 & 19 2015: “From the Wall to the Fall.” Two guest lectures for undergraduate course ‘History of Europre 1890-1990’, Northwestern University.

May 10 2015: "The Leisured Lives of Working Men: Wealthy Men of Glasgow and Liverpool 1870-1930.” Graduate Student Conference on Histories of Leisure, Center for Historical Studies (CCHS), Northwestern University.

September 11 2014: "Liverpool’s Elites at Home and Abroad 1870-1930.” Port City Lives Conference on Vectors (Port Cities as Gateways, Channels and Conduits), Conference for Port & Maritime History, Liverpool.

September 21 2013: “Bristol’s Elite c.1900 (or, Charity covers a lot of larks).” Conference on Imperial City: Bristol in the World, University of the West of England Regional History Centre, M Shed, Bristol.

May 10 2013: “The Provincial Port City: Bristol’s Elite c.1900.” Graduate Student Conference on Oceans of History, Center for Historical Studies (CCHS), Northwestern University.

April 30 & May 2 2013: “Sex and Empire: The British in India.”  Two guest lectures for undergraduate course ‘Gender and Sexuality in Victorian Britain’, Northwestern University.

May 21 2012: “British Decolonization 1916-Present.” Guest lecture for undergraduate course ‘European Civilization 1750-Present’, Northwestern University.

April 1 2011: “The English Past through Nineteenth-Century Catholic Eyes: Obstacles and Possibilities.” Graduate Student Conference on Religious Identity and Political Conflict, Center for Historical Studies (CCHS), Northwestern University.

I have also TA-ed a variety of courses, from survey courses of British or European history, to specialist  courses on the history of science or the Holocaust. I have also designed and taught (in Winter 2015) my own upper-level undergraduate course on the topic of ‘Elites and their Towns’, investigating elites in Britain between 1800 and the present.


March 2015: Buffett Institute Dissertation Research Travel Award

January 2014: Curran Fellowship, Research Society for Victorian Periodicals

June 2013: T. W. Heyck Prize for Research in British History, Northwestern University

Summer 2013: Travel funding, British Studies Cluster, Northwestern University

2012-2013: Research funding, British Studies Cluster, Northwestern University

Summer 2012: Research funding, History Department, Northwestern University

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